Our menus reflect Kirk’s love of cooking a wide variety of foods, whether it be classic comfort food, regional dishes or more exotic ethnic cuisine. We are culinary purists making everything from scratch and utilizing the finest ingredients from numerous small farms, ranches and food artisans. With an archive of several hundred original recipes tested and fine-tuned over a decade as an executive chef, Kirk will work with you to plan a unique and delicious menu suited to your group’s tastes.

Sample Small Plates Menu (pdf)
Sample Cooking Class Menu (pdf)
Sample Dinner Menu (pdf)
Sample Tasting Menu (pdf)

Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen is proud of its professional and skilled service staff, noted for their friendliness and empathy. Rest assured that we have the perfect service team for your next Traveling Kitchen event. In addition, we are happy to pair and bring wines that complement your menu from one of our trusted wine suppliers, or give wine suggestions so you can pick up bottles yourself.


(Please note that all the above are sample menus. Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen prides itself on customizing the food for each event based on client preferences, seasonal availability and the whims of the chef.)

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